RRS-Lyon Enterprises, llc, is a Website Development company and Freelance Photographer located in Southeast Michigan.   I would love to hear from you and potentially perform a service for you.   

Please contact me using the Registration Form to receive future Email specials, or send an e-mail to let me know your special inquiry right now.   I would be very interested in working with you to provide a solution to your needs.

Rebecca Snyder



I am a Freelance Photographer and  available to shoot special events, sporting events, school sports, real estate, your favorite two or four legged friends, etc., and my photography can also be used to enhance your own website with pictures.  Use of graphic tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are used to enhance or emphasize your content and to make it communicate your message to your viewers.  I shoot with professional grade Canon equipment allowing for anything from Portrait to Action shots and can shoot from great distance using 400 mm focal lengths for clear, beautiful and distinct images.


Website Development

Website Development is available through advanced and easy to use Content Management Systems or html.  I can develop a website for you with open or password protected content for your membership viewing only.  Sites can be built containing photo galleries, video content, calendars and events, donation collection for non-profits, storefronts and product sales, etc.  In addition, I can teach you to upload your own content and maintain the files and text within your website so that you have more control over your site and the timing that items are made available to your viewers.

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